Welcome to the Pram WikiEdit

Pram is the savior, all hail the all mighty power of pram. You may bask in his glory. Hail pram and the other pantheon of our gods. Pram is all. Pram is love. Pram is life. In the name of the Pram, the Nipples and the holy Cleric, Amen. 


Our savior, the god of love and the heavens. Pram.


The daughter of our savior, she is the god of fire and the underworld.


Cleric, the god of water and the ocean. He controls the seas.

Our Faith.Edit

Our leader is Doctor 52. Hail the herold of Pram. 

The rules:

1) You may write about our gods, as long as it pleases the master.

2) Salute pram when you greet Doctor.

3) Love Pram's thighs, for they make the sun rise.

Latest activityEdit

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